Professional assistance to the animal’s health will always be provided promptly at Kaivana’s veterinary clinic. However, health can only be described as ‘good’ if it remains so for as long as possible. Therefore, the owner’s attention to his pet and care are very important. Veterinarians in our clinic try to communicate with the owner of small “clients” and educate them on how to take care of animals and how to avoid various health problems. We strive to cooperate and provide advice on the day-to-day care of animals and to provide qualified assistance in diagnosing and fighting diseases.

The treatment process begins with a accurate diagnosis. Our veterinarians perform all necessary research. A thorough preliminary analysis allows quickly and effectively eliminate the cause of the disease, rather than tackling the symptoms that cause only short-term improvement.

The team of veterinarians is young and curious, constantly improving their experience in various trainings. Therefore, in our daily activities, we combine traditional and innovative diagnostic and treatment methods that have proven their benefits and effectiveness in multiple applications. Still, the most important thing is for the animal to avoid developing disease. This is the most important goal of our clinics, we focus on consulting and animal welfare issues. In the meantime, we are fighting the disease in a comprehensive way, preventing it from recurring or developing further.

Proper care of the animal

Diagnosis of the disease


Animal welfare