For internal and external parasites

Broadline 0,3 ml for cats < 2,5kg
Prinocate for cats 0,4ml <4kg
Prinocate for dogs 1ml 4-10kg
Prinocate for dogs 2,5ml 10-25kg
Prinocate for dogs 4ml 25-40kg
NexGard Spectra 19mg 2-3,5kg
NexGard Spectra 19mg 3,5-7,5kg
NexGard Spectra 38mg 7,5-15kg tablets N1
NexGard Spectra 75mg 15-30kg tablets N1
NexGard Spectra 155mg 30-60kg tablets N1
Stronghold Cat 2,6-7,5kg
Stronghold 15mg Puppy/Kitten up to 2,5kg

Antiparasitic drugs

Milprazon for cats 4mg/10mg tablets N1
Milprazon for cats 16mg/40mg tablets N1
Milprazon for dogs 2,5mg/25mg tablets 1-5kg N1
Milprazon for dogs 12,5mg/125mg tablets 5-25kg N1
Vitaminthe paste 10ml
Bravecto 112,5 mg 2-4,5kg tablets N1
Bravecto 250mg 4,5-10kg tablets N1
Bravecto 500mg 10-20kg tablets N1
Bravecto 1000 mg 20-40kg tablets N1
Bravecto 1400 mg 40-56kg tablets N1

For external parasites

Advantix for dogs up to 4kg N1
Advantix for dogs 4-10kg N1
Advantix for dogs 10-25kg N1
Advantix for dogs 25-40kg N1
Advantix for dogs 40-60kg N1
Advocate for dogs 4-10kg N1
Advocate for dogs <4kg N1
Biokill aer. 500ml
Fypryst Combo for dogs 10-20kg
Fypryst Combo for dogs 20-40kg
Fypryst Combo for dogs 20-40kg
Fypryst Combo for dogs 40-60kg
Foresto collar for dogs and cats up to 8kg 38cm
Foresto collar for dog up to 8kg 70cm
Kiltix 38cm
Kiltix 53cm
Kiltix 70cm
Neostomosan ampoule 5ml

For digestion

Almagel A 170ml
Dia Dog&Cat tablets N1
Dia Dog&Cat Pro Injector 30ml
Pro-kolin gel for dogs 15ml
Pro-kolin gel for cats 15ml

For allergies

Apoquel 3,6 mg tablets N1
Apoquel 5,4 mg tablets N1
Apoquel 16 mg tablets N1

For ears

Chlorexyderm Oto Piu 150ml
Chlorexyderm Oto 50ml
Chlorexyderm 250ml
Canaural 15ml
Otodine 100ml

For eyes

Corneregel 50 mg/g eye gel 10g
Ekara 5 mg/ml 5ml

For the treatment of dermatitis

Cortizeme 125ml
Cortavance 31ml
Triderm 30ml

For pain relief

Loxicom 0,5mg/ml oral suspension for cats 15ml
Rimadyl 100mg tablets N1
Rimadyl 50mg tablets N1
Rycarfa Flavour 100mg N1
Rycarfa Flavour 20mg N1
Rycarfa Flavour 50mg N1

For disinfection

Oxicid S powder 50g

For wound healing / trauma

Kruuse Manuka G ointment 15g
Karbasepto ointment 100g
Karbasepto ointment 250g
Aloegel ointment 180g
Arnigel ointment 180g
Charmil gel 50g 13036
Zinc ointment 23g
Ichtiolo ointment 100g
Saliceras ointment 250g
Vihrea ointment 250ml
Žalias Plius ointment 180ml

For wounds disinfection

PVP Jod aer. 100ml
Iodine solution 10ml
Potassium permanganate 5g

For skin

Dermoscent drops for dogs up to 10kg
Dermoscent drops for dogs 10-20kg
Dermoscent drops for dogs 20-40kg
Dermoscent Atop 7 drops for dogs and cats 0-10kg
Dermoscent Atop 7 drops for dogs 10-20kg
Dermoscent Atop 7 drops for dogs 20-40kg
Dermoscent drops for cats
Zinc ointment 23g